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Drink more water and spend less on sodas and other beverages with Primo Water & Dispensers.

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99.99% pure water and stylish, innovative dispensers for the home and workplace

Primo water is 99.99% pure and readily available at tens of thousands of retail locations. Choose from two easy options: great value "Fill it Yourself" or convenient "Exchange".

Primo water dispensers
for the home and workplace are America’s #1 brand for a reason. Our water dispensersare the most reliable with the latest innovative features to keep you and your family hydrated and healthy.

We asked Primo Clubhouse members how drinking Primo water or owning a Primo dispenser has changed their lifestyle. Here's what some had to say:

"Keeping [my] disease in remission means eating clean, changing to a gluten free diet, and drinking water free of chemicals. My sweet husband bought Primo so (not just me) but our entire family can be healthier."
Melisa - Shreve, OH

"It's so convenient and cheaper than buying water by the case. The water tastes unbelievable! I go through a 4 gallon bottle in 2 days! Water is all I drink now and that is so good for your body. I love the hot water feature for making tea, hot cocoa, and instant soups. I also like the safety lock on the hot water. And the BEST thing about it was the price! I have nothing bad to say about this product. It's made a big change in my new healthy lifestyle. It's the best purchase I made in a very long time and I couldn't live without it!
Jessamyn - Dunmore, PA

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