About us

Primo Water Corporation was started in 2004 by Billy Prim, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Blue Rhino, the market leader in propane grill cylinder exchange. Using the Blue Rhino model, Billy created Primo Water as a way to offer consumers both innovative, stylish water dispensers for the home and office and clean, great tasting purified water using Refill and Exchange processes that are affordable, convenient options to give your family great tasting, premium water without creating waste in the environment.

As America's #1 water dispenser brand, Primo has introduced innovative, stylish, high quality dispensers that blow the competition “out of the water.”

Primo Water is bottled locally at over 60 locations nationwide using a 9-step purification process to produce 99.99% pure, great tasting water. Our water is available for sale at tens of thousands of locations nationwide through our great value “fill it yourself” Refill stations and our convenient Exchange program.

Primo Water Corporation is an environmentally and ethically responsible company dedicated to producing products that will help improve people’s lives, their health, and their world.