Bottled Water Exchange

Purchase a full 3 or 5 gallon Primo bottle to get started. When your bottles are empty, exchange them at your local retailer and receive discounts of up to $7 off your next full Primo bottle. Primo recycles your bottles so they never end up in a landfill.

All you have to do is drop, grab and go.

  • REACH out and grab a bottle of Primo Water from one of our displays, take it home, and enjoy its clean, refreshing taste and purity. Find a Primo Water retailer near you.

  • RECYCLE the empty bottle in a Primo Return Center– they are located at thousands of stores across the country. (And it doesn’t even have to be a Primo bottle.)

    UP TO $7 OFF
    your next
    purchase of Primo water.


"Convenient, great tasting water that's easy to load in my dispenser. It's always easy to find a place to get more Primo water!"



Primo's Purity Promise
To ensure the highest quality and best tasting purified water, Primo water is filtered four times and is purified through reverse osmosis before we add minerals for great taste. Each bottled is inspected and sanitized before being filled so all you taste is 99.99% pure, delicious Primo water every time.

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